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The Best Interior Ladder Storage System

Jet Rack is an internal ladder storage system in Richmond, OH. It allows you to quickly and easily secure your ladder using the most underused space in your vehicle — the ceiling. It's the perfect solution for keeping your most frequently used ladder out of the way of your cargo. Better yet, it's always accessible and is protected from theft and bad weather. Call TS Electric today to learn more or to schedule your free demonstration.

Jet Rack Benefits:

  • Utilizes Wasted Space in Your Vehicle
  • Protects the Ladder from Damaging Weather and Theft
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Tool-Grade Aluminum for Strength and Durability
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Assisting Electricians & Other Contractors

Having all the gear required for your work can be challenging when you have limited vehicle space and need to provide efficient service. With demand for electricians and other trades on the rise, there is no time to waste getting access to your tools, so contact us to add the Jet Rack to your equipment roster. You will be impressed with this innovative ladder storage system's practical design, quality construction, and convenience.

Most contractors keep a ladder in their inventory. They are an indispensable tool required on almost every job site tradespeople work. This essential equipment is a must, whether you are running lines through the ceiling or climbing into an attic. Keeping your ladder accessible is vital to making your job easier and safer.

Never worry that your ladder will be exposed to the weather or at risk of theft with the Jet Rack. It attaches your equipment securely to the interior ceiling of your van quickly and easily, so you won’t struggle in the rain or discover someone has stolen it.

In addition to offering ingenious equipment solutions to contractors, our company provides 24-Hour electrical services and is ready to assist our customers throughout the area. Contact us today for all your residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services.